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Make Corporate Car Parking Fair, Easy and Stress-free

Ronspot maximizes the utilization of your company’s parking spaces by allocating employee parking spots in a fair and transparent manner. The app allows your employees to view live and up-to-date availability and lets them manage their parking schedule effortlessly.

Our cost-effective Amazon hosted cloud solution allows your company to make the most of the space available and ensures stress-free parking for your employees.

Solve your parking problems with just a few clicks

Managing your company’s parking spaces is now made easy with Ronspot

Guaranteed Parking

Ronspot’s fair and transparent allocation system ensures guaranteed parking spaces to your employees all day every day.

Real-time Management

With Ronspot you can view live and up-to-date availability of parking spaces and let your employees manage their own parking schedule through a real-time dashboard.

Reduced Costs

Ronspot ensures maximum occupancy of your available parking spaceby managing who parks where and allows your employees to claim or release spots instantly when they need thus reducing costs for both employers and employees.

Easy to Use

Our Amazon hosted, cloud solution makes tracking and managing your company’s parking resources easy and stress-free.

Managing Violations

Have any of your employees found people parked in the wrong spot? They can simply flag the violation on the app to let the offender know and Ronspot will automatically assign them a new spot instantly.


Employees love the App, and have improved their parking experience at their workplace


Drop in unused parking spaces thanks to Ronspot


Parking thousands of employees from fortune 500 companies each day

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I wholeheartedly recommend the RONSPOT app to any company or organisation. It has streamlined and enhanced the way we manage our parking space tremendously.

RONSPOT is powerful and immensely helpful, yet intuitive and easy to use. Scheduling parking in advance, reserving or vacating spots is as easy as a tap and done.

RONSPOT has literally changed the way we utilise our company parking facilities. It doesn't require any costly investments or complex software setup. As a facilities manager this is an invaluable tool to me.

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